Massage therapy at NJ Acupuncture Wellness CenterDeep Tissue Massage – is the most aggressive form of massage. It penetrates down to the fascia – an intertwining web of connective tissue. Deep Tissue focuses on the release of muscle tension and areas of the body that warehouse chronic knots. This method of massage can break up and eliminate scar tissue from previous injury. The objective of Deep Tissue massage is to relieve stressed muscles that can block nutrients and oxygen from getting to where they need to go. This will cause inflammation that allows toxins to build up in your muscle tissue. The inflammation and toxins contribute to pain and stress. Deep Tissue Massage breaks up and releases the built-up toxins by loosening the muscles. With the toxins released, blood and oxygen can circulate more freely making your body more efficient and healthier. Contact us to set up your appointment with Grace today.

Swedish – is among the most basic methods of massage and is among the first styles of massage that is taught. The objective of Swedish massage is to allow the body to absorb more oxygen. This lets your system to operate more efficiently and helps invigorate you. Swedish massage is also geared towards detoxification by increasing the speed by which the cells of the body eliminate their waste materials. But more than these, Swedish massage brings to the receiver an immense feeling of satisfaction and relaxation. Contact us to set up your appointment with Grace today.

Shiatsu – Eastern healers use pressure-point massage to balance the body. The Japanese version is called Shiatsu. The concept of Chi is that our life energy, flows through the body in 14 meridians. If these meridians are blocked – physical or emotional problems may develop. During a shiatsu massage, the therapist gently rocks or stretches your body and applies finger and thumb pressure to specific regions known as points. One reason is to stimulate or to subdue energy. This process adds to the benefit you get from this method. Shiatsu is meant to treat your whole being rather than a single part of your body. Shiatsu is great for stress or pain management. If you let Grace know you have pain in a certain area she may choose to use this method. It’s always a good idea to let her know exactly where you are having problems and if her choice of treatment is getting good results. Contact us to set up your appointment with Grace today.

SomaVeda Thai Yoga Massage Therapy – A Thai massage treatment is a positive, energizing, uplifting experience for the client as well as the practitioner. A session is a flowing dialog between client and practitioner, akin to a dance or martial arts form. The client is passive and completely supported in all positions by the therapist. Some people call Traditional Thai Massage “Lazy man’s yoga”, because the therapist is skilled at supporting the client in stretches that are yoga poses. In many cases, the client can experience the benefit of poses that would be difficult to achieve unassisted, because it can take years to develop the requisite strength, balance and flexibility to achieve the poses in a solo yoga practice. Also, the therapist works energy lines while the client is in the pose, which has a synergistic effect in opening and energizing the body. Clients that have an active yoga practice often find that regular Thai yoga therapy sessions enhance their practice, allow them to stretch and open more quickly and avoid injury. This massage is only performed by Stacey, contact her to schedule an appointment.


Mary Grace Pizarro
will jump in with both feet – poking – prodding – kneading – touching – sensing – but most of all finding. Just when you are about to let her know where to focus her attention – she’s already there working on it – considered the options and starting to plan her strategy. That’s when you’ll know this is not just a back rub.

A naturally gifted healer – Grace has the commitment and desire to improve herself as a person and professional – therefore giving you the best possible experience. She was born in the Philippines – moved to New Jersey when she was 13 and later attended a local University – majoring in health and fitness. She began her career as a personal trainer. After several years found her true calling was in the healing arts. Here she could provide her clients with the best she has to offer. Her unique mix of the mind, body and soul. Grace is extremely skilled and formally trained in Shiatsu – Swedish – Thai – hot stone and energy healing. She is licensed graduate of The North Jersey Massage School – located in Parsippany, NJ. She has also practiced “Western/Eastern Philosophy” for the past 9 years. She is an avid runner – Pushing herself hard for the past 10 years, she participates in The NYC Marathon, The Disney Marathon and some local half marathons.

“I’ve been a getting massage for 15 years, and I’m very particular in choosing my massage therapist. Grace is the best I’ve found. Grace has a great awareness and understanding of the body. She’s very knowledgeable. She continues to try new massage techniques. Through my sessions with Grace I’ve come to trust in the healing power of massage. Great massage therapist who I recommend for a wonderful therapeutic experience” ~Anil Bansal, Chairman IA Bank Corp.

“I am 62 years old and play golf at least 4 times a week. My back used to go out at least once or twice during the summer until I started getting massage from Grace once a week.If you are used to getting massages Grace is on a different level. She knows when to go deep and when to be gentle and her style is never the same. If you appreciate a good massage this is the best there is. Thank you Grace” ~Gary Kalter

“I have known Grace for about 6 years. After my first massage with her I became totally addicted, and even though it took me at least 30 min one way to get to her, I started going every week. When Grace had moved to a new location in Montclair I followed her, and I have a feeling that even if she moves to a different state I’ll find a way to see her.I have a lot of problems with my back, and Grace has always been able to help. I trust her opinion more than I would trust many of the doctors. I stopped counting times when she had told me what actually wrong with my back before multiple screenings and doctor visits confirmed her opinion. She is a great therapist, and a wonderful human being, who really cares about her patients and puts her heart and soul in trying to help themI can think about only one caution I need to give you: after you become Grace’s client you would not be able to enjoy massages anywhere else. I actually stopped going anywhere but to Grace. Even when I’m on vacation and all my friends are going to fancy spas, I stay away from the massages. As my experience shows if I go I always compare it to my experience with Grace and feel that it is not even close – so why waste money and time.” ~Daria Reznikova

“Grace’s hands have the power of healing… a session with Grace leaves me feeling healed, not just physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. Her love,compassion, and caring nature makes my time with her my favorite hour and a half every week!” ~Joe Storm

“I started going to Grace June 2010. The best massage therapist I have ever been to. She was immediately able to identify my trouble areas and respond with appropriate action. I have been a sufferer of chronic back pain for some time and have found her treatment the most effective remedy to date.” ~Sascha Prochaska

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